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Aqua Property, Assisting you with selling your business and businesses for sale In Phuket, Thailand.

Aqua Property, Assisting you with selling your business and businesses for sale In Phuket, Thailand.

You start a business. It grows. Exponentially. Bigger and bigger. More customers, more sales. Suddenly people are knocking on your door. Venture capital houses, who want to invest money in your business and help you grow. They come in and establish themselves. More good times ahead. All of a sudden you’re a well-known name. You start to attract interest from buyers, perhaps a bigger rival. You sell. Payday. You win big, right? Live happily ever after. The most common hold-ups in a business acquisition and business sales we mention below;

It usually revolves around one topic which is that the buyer and seller or one or the other get lost in the detail. At Aqua Property we make this easy and transparent. They lose sight of the main objective which is to try and put two businesses together. This is why businesses and investors choose Aqua Property in Phuket, Thailand. Or if it’s an investment play, that an incoming investor adds value to the business.

Often they can get lost in items of detail – what happens to the deal process is that it slows it down. Aqua Property are here to ensure this runs smoothly and on time. It also makes it more expensive because not only with management on both sides trying to iron out a deal, but if you’ve got lawyers acting – and accountants and other advisers – the bills quite often, particularly with lawyers, can extend. Especially if you’re paying your lawyer by the hour. Aqua Property in Phuket, Thailand can help with this to ensure its a straight forward transaction and this is why our customers keep coming back and being referred to us.

With buyers and sellers there comes a point when it goes on for far too long and one or both parties just gets tired of it all and loses interest. It is our job to ensure this process happens quickly and effectively. They keep going round the houses and nothing seems to be able to be crystallized. You can be 8 months down the line and there’s nothing concrete, nothing materialized and no agreement to go forward.

What does this mean when selling or looking to buy a business in Phulet?

Stalemate! One or the other will fade away, disengage from the process and you may have lost 8 months – 12 months. 2 years is the longest period of time I’ve heard about which is incredible. It should be done over a three, four month period to negotiate, to construct and finalise a deal. This is what we are known best for at Aqua Property in Phuket, Thailand, With an impeccable reputation for first class service and results the next time you are looking to buy a business in Phuket or if you are looking to sell your own business in Phuket then get in touch with us for a free no obligation quotation.