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Property for sale in Phuket

Property for sale in Phuket

Here are some things to do to make your property more appealing before putting it on the market. To make your property more noticeable than others to potential buyers you could add an advancement in lease booking, offer flexible fee options such as deferred loans, or a deduction on the sale price.

Tips to increase sale of property

  • Make your property accessible to unexpected viewings. You can have an agent take care of this if you are not able to be on call. Keep in mind that buyers have minimal time and many other properties to look at, so you must make yourself available or you could end up losing a potential buyer.
  • It is more appropriate if you are not on the property when potential buyers are going to be looking at the property. The buyer might feel like they are imposing which could discourage the buyer from visualizing themselves living there.
  • First impressions are everything. Be sure your property is up to standard and it looks clean. Make sure the property is clean both interior and exterior.
  • Get rid of any unpleasant odors.
  • Lighting is also very important when putting your property up for sale. When you turn on all the lights, it gives the property a more spacious look.
  • A little paint can do miracles. It will give your property a more refreshed look. Brush some paint on those small scrapes or cracks on the wall.
  • Get rid of any debris that there might be in the kitchen and bathroom areas to avoid any lingering odors.
  • Make yourself accessible for any question potential buyers might have.
  • Have a professional take pictures of your property to place on ads. High-quality photos tend to attract more attention.
  • Keep your agent informed of any improvements, additions, or changes that you have made to the property.